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The ignorance of spammer SEO consultants

Posted by Marian Buchanan on April 20th, 2011

Do you ever get spam from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consultants? If you’re a website owner or webmaster, you probably do. (How do feel about it? Same way as I do?)


Image by Robin Higgins from Pixabay

Among my clients are several non-profit organizations for which I sometimes receive messages from SEO consultants trying to persuade me that the organization needs their services. Although the email address I use as the web manager usually has the word “website” in it instead of “webmaster,” it should still be fairly clear to spammer SEO consultants that they’re writing to someone who is in charge of managing the website. So it always strikes me how ignorant their approach can be. I can think of a few possibilities:

  • They don’t expect a non-profit to have a “real” website manager even when there’s a dedicated email address for that role. (But then, they don’t tend to address themselves to the organization as a non-profit but rather as a “company,” i.e. the same as if it were a business; so I doubt they’re making that distinction for the role either.)
  • They think it’s rare for the website manager role to include SEO. (And who knows? Maybe they’re right and I’m a rare exception of someone whose website management services include SEO automatically, as part of the total picture of what a website should accomplish.)
  • They realize they’re writing to the person who is already taking care of the SEO for the site, but they just don’t think it’s rude to say, in effect, “you need better SEO so I should replace you in that area.” (Which would be ironic anyway, since all the sites in question are ranking quite well. So did they even bother to check first?)
  • This is blind, automated, mass mailing that ignores who the recipient is and what their role might be and what the site’s existing search engine rankings are, and just counts on sheer numbers of emails to yield sufficient numbers of positive responses even if the conversion rate is really, really low. In other words, the worst kind of spam.

Most of these unsolicited messages are fairly banal communications about why SEO is important and what the SEO consultant can accomplish in terms of higher rankings. But one recent message was different from the others: it took an approach that was much more research- and proof-based, with site-specific data …

…and yet, still failed. Want to know why? Read the next post.

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Marian Buchanan is the owner of Heartwood Web Design. As such, she has been immersed in both the artistic and technical sides of design and communications. Now retired from this line of work, she retains a keen interest in ethics in marketing. Fascinated by image and perception, she is now focusing on her own art and writing.

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