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Photo Credits

Photo of baby is "Happy child looking" by imagerymajestic from freedigitalphotos.net. Cookie image is public domain from clker.com The collage of these images into the image "Baby Thoughts" was made by Marian Buchanan of Heartwood Web Design.

Photodune photo #1786183
Boy looking through binocular

Photodune photo #399145
Border collie puppy 6 weeks old playing with a duckling 1 week old

Photodune #225465
Hand inserting missing piece of green jigsaw puzzle into the hole

Photodune #1320003
Flashy yellow sneakers

Photodune #1584170
Online communication

This image, used as a background on many of our web pages, is by Oleg. Available royalty-free from Dreamstime.com. #5228641