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Want to be found on Google?

You need Search Engine Optimization

People can't visit your website if
they can't find it or
don't even know it exists.
Most people nowadays look for
business, organizations, and resources
on search engines
more than in phone directories.
So that's where you need to be.
Heartwood Web Design can help you
optimize your site in the best possible way:

  • ethically
  • effectively
  • without sacrificing user-friendliness
  • without jeopardizing conversion potential
  • using up-to-date knowledge of search engine rules

Heartwood Web Design offers Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services as part of our web design contracts. It's also available as a stand-alone service for those who already have a website they just want to tweak for better ranking in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Or, if you want to Do It Yourself, we can coach you in how to optimize your own site for better search engine rankings.

Purely "White Hat"

Ethical SEO
No sneaky tactics

Too many SEO consultants try to get away with sneaky tactics that amount to spam and other dubious practices. At Heartwood Web Design, we believe this is not only ethically wrong, but also counterproductive since it can get your site banned from the Google index or other search engines.

Ethical search engine optimization, on the other hand, is simply the skillful application of ways to improve searchability. In turn, good searchability helps you make a real, authentic connection with your intended audience, by helping them find you when they're looking for what you have to offer.

Good SEO is about working with the search engines, not against them.

And still user-friendly

Don't sacrifice your
human connection

It's one thing to get high rankings in the SERPs so people can find you in the first place, but it doesn't guarantee they will be interested enough to click through on your link and then stay on your site to explore your offers.

It would be ironic if all your SEO efforts sabotaged your website's human appeal!

At Heartwood Web Design, we don't just do SEO, we craft the wording of your SEO elements in such a way that they are also well expressed from a human point of view: so you can actually and effectively reach your audience and they can genuinely take an interest in what you offer.

Isn't that connection what it's really all about?

It doesn't stop there

SEO is only part of
the Bigger Picture

There is more to the search engines' algorithms than just what you do on your own end. Rankings also depend on how many other sites link to yours, and what the quality of those links is. Link building is therefore another important aspect of optimization.

Link building that is geared to boosting linkage artificially without relevance is both unethical and counter-productive. At Heartwood we focus instead on generating legitimate interest from sites whose visitors are genuinely well served by being given your link. This builds reputation in an authentic way. It also generates direct relevant traffic that bypasses search engines.

Find out more about how we can help you get more web traffic.