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Is your site lonely and left out?

Attract more Web Traffic

Heartwood Web Design can help you
attract more visitors
to your web site and your offer ***
through a number of ways of
being there for your intended audience:

  • ethically inviting other web sites to link to yours
  • maintaining an active presence on Twitter and other social media
  • writing relevant articles and submitting them to newsletters and directories
  • creating free newsletters and info products to initiate a connection
  • creating and uploading videos that people will love to share
  • and other ethical, genuine ways of helping your intended audience connect with you

*** Your offer may be a product or a service if you're a business or entrepreneur; a message about a good cause if you're an organization; or a perspective to share if you're an individual with a resource website or a personal blog.

Quality vs quantity

It's not how many, it's
if they're a good match

Web traffic is not something you should try to increase for its own sake. The number of total visitors is not important, what matters is that you attract an abundance of visitors who are truly suited to your offer. The people you want to connect with are those who will genuinely benefit from your offer and actually take you up on it.

Don't be misled by your visitor stats and don't waste your time and energy attracting irrelevant visits.

Give a reason to share

The best way is
"word of mouth"

A side effect of people connecting with you in a genuinely beneficial way, is that they often become your advocates, spreading the word to others for you. So don't keep your offer inaccessible. Let people easily sample what you offer, and they will gladly and authentically share their find with others.

Tap into a sense of abundance and trust: share some things for free and still get paid what your offer is worth.

Done for you or DIY?

Do you have more time?
or more money than time?

It can be time-consuming to implement all the possible ways to attract more website visitors. You have several options:

  • jump right in and do it all right away, all yourself — we can show you what and how
  • Do It Yourself but one small step at a time — again, we can let you know what and how
  • outsource some or all of the tasks to Heartwood Web Design to do them on your behalf

We're glad to help you whichever way you prefer.

If you want to Do It Yourself, you may be interested in our coaching.

If you want us to do the work for you, you'll be using our Copy & Content Writing services.

Search engines are an important source of visitors, so don't forget our search engine optimization (SEO) services as well.

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