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Where can I find quality royalty-free photos for my design?

Posted by Marian Buchanan on July 7th, 2010

One of my favourite places to find royalty-free stock photos for web design and graphic design, is Dreamstime.com. Here's why:

  • The photos are good quality.
  • There are many simple uncluttered images, which is great for the clarity and impact needed in a good design.
  • The prices are extremely affordable for any design work.
  • I love supporting freelance photographers. They are among the heart-centred, doing the work they love to do, and my purchases help them make a well-deserved living from their art.

The above image, used as a background on many of our web pages to illustrate our purpose of helping you "branch out," is available on Dreamstime from Olegk (Oleg Kapustin). Thank you, Oleg!

If you need some images for your own web site or design project, I encourage you to check out Dreamstime. You can do a search of their database from right here, if you wish:

Royalty Free Images

Enter some keywords to search the Dreamstime image database:

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