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Helping you branch out on the web and in print

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Hi. I'm Marian Buchanan. I'm the owner of
Heartwood Web Design
and the main person doing its work.

I welcome you very warmly to this site
and invite you to find out more about
the Heartwood mission, values, and vision below.

To find out more about me personally, you can subscribe to my Facebook feed at www.facebook.com/marianbuchanan

The photo of me on this page was taken by my friend, poet/writer/singer/songwriter/guitarist John Kirnan in 1992. Obviously, I look a little older now, but this portrait seems to convey who I am at the core better than more recent photos.

Our Mission

Helping you branch out
effectively and ethically

Heartwood Web Design provides design and communication services and coaching, to help you branch out effectively and ethically on the web and in print.

We specialize in serving
heart-centred entrepreneurs like artists, therapists, teachers, coaches, and ethical business owners.

Our Values

Quality service that is
ethical and heart-centred

Our Vision

Your ethical success and
a better world for it

Imagine if everyone offered their gifts to the world in ways that were always ethical and caring, at prices that were always fair to both their customers and themselves. Imagine what a better world it would be if we all benefited genuinely and equally from all our exchanges. Wouldn't it be great if everyone lived in abundance, comfort, and fulfillment?

We can each make a difference. We'd like to help you make yours.