Heartwood Web Design
Helping you branch out on the web and in print

Don’t just get a logo

Get full Branding & Identity

Is your style in sync with your message?
Is your message right for your intended audience?

What do you want your brand to stand for?
What kind of reputation do you want to build?

Heartwood can help you create, cultivate or reinvent your brand.
Then we can design all your branding materials accordingly:

  • logo
  • web site
  • print collateral: letterhead, business cards, brochures
  • advertising: online and in print

Create your brand

Starting up a business? You'll need a logo!

High quality logo design

can help you get your brand off to a good start. But it's only good design if it aligns with your branding message. So if you haven't thought about the bigger picture yet, we'll help you explore it to develop your branding message itself. It's all part of Heartwood's holistic logo design process.

Integrated Marketing will help keep your branding consistent.

Cultivate your brand

Are you leaving your branding up to chance?

The Big Picture

can help you clarify for yourself what you intend your branding message to be, and assess whether your marketing efforts are supporting that message and vision.


Don't let the weeds take over.

Nurture and shape your image with a deliberate branding vision and a complete marketing plan.

Reinvent your brand

Is your branding out of sync with the times?

The Big Picture

might reveal that you're way off where you want to be. We can help you assess what needs to be changed and how to change it. It may be you need a new logo to bring your image into the 21st century. Or a message that's more attuned to the current social realities.

If something's not working, it's time to fix it.

Heartwood has the tools to help.