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Want to learn to Do It Yourself?

Get help from our Coaching

A Coaching arrangement is entered when
we teach you or your staff how to
perform the tasks that you would
otherwise hire us to do for you.


Staff training for ongoing web site maintenance

Perhaps you are a business with clerical employees. You may have already hired us to design a professional and effective web presence for you, but you'd just like to have some of your staff trained in website maintenance so that they can take over the responsibility of keeping the content up to date without harming the functionality, look, and search engine ranking of the site we designed for you.

When you want mentoring in the field

You may be interested in coaching if you are yourself a freelancer in one or more of the Design & Communications fields, looking to improve your knowledge and skills in areas that are unfamiliar to you.

When you have more time than money

Maybe you are an artist or therapist or another kind of heart-centred small business and you feel you have more time than money to spend on getting your public presence running effectively. So you'd like to Do It Yourself as much as you can, but just need a little advice on some of the technical aspects of things. To get one-on-one attention on exactly what you need, when you need it, you might find it helpful to hire us for a few hours of personalized coaching.

Tutorials and free tips are also available

To supplement or replace personalized coaching, you're also welcome to sign up for our free tips newsletter or buy one of our e-book tutorials when they become available (sign up for the newsletter to be informed when they are released).

Still got questions? Ready to get started? Please get in touch and let us know how we can help!