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A Collaboration arrangement goes beyond
the usual kind of exchange that is
part of Contract Work. It involves
a sharing of the tasks themselves.

Collaboration requires

  • a clear distribution of tasks
  • a good coordination of efforts
  • and good communication to ensure the same.

An example of a collaborative effort would be if you already have a marketing team or a marketing strategy and you wish Heartwood to handle the web design side of things (or the graphic design, or the social media, or whatever the case may be) but under the direction of an overall marketing coordinator. Ideally, you would include us in your strategy planning as a member of the team, so that the relevant expertise in each area can be allowed to shape all areas cooperatively.

Another type of collaboration would be if you are a design firm with talent in many but not all of the areas needed for a particular project, or simply have a need for more hands during a busy period. Again, the ideal would be to incorporate us into your team for the duration of the project so that the influence can flow both ways, synergistically.

If you are a do-it-yourself-er, you may wish to collaborate on a project for which you lack some of the expertise, as an alternative to coaching or consultation.

Interested in collaborating? Get in touch now to let us know how we can help!