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Don’t know how to say it?

Let us do your
Copy & Content Writing

Whether on the web or in print, your words need to help readers
make a real connection
with your perspective, your cause, or your business offer. It's all about
good communication.

At Heartwood, we can help you reach out and really connect with your intended audience ethically, authentically, effectively, no matter what the type of text:

  • blog content writing that piques curiosity and holds interest
  • sales copy or ad copy that is responsive to people's real needs
  • skillful ghost writing for your book or e-book
  • persuasive advocacy letters and petitions for your good cause
  • technical manuals that are clear and easy to understand
  • editing of existing texts for grammar, spelling, and clarity of message
  • re-wording of Private Label Rights (PLR) materials
  • constructive critiques of your own creative writing
  • in English or in French

Heartwood offers Copy & Content Writing services for both print materials and the web. Web content is written with the extra feature of keeping Search Engine Optimization in mind.

Or, if you want to improve your own writing in the arena in which you need it so you can Do It Yourself, we can coach you in how to write copy and content that helps your intended audience really connect.

Writing for good business

Connect with customers
and potential customers

Every business needs to communicate with its intended audience. It's usually referred to as "marketing" and is often slick and manipulative.

At Heartwood, we prefer to strive for good communication, making a genuine connection, and building a good relationship.

You'll find our writing style for sales & ad copy and web content is geared to being responsive to the needs of your audience rather than trying to hard sell them on what you have to offer. It's not only more respectful and ethical, it's also easier to attract than to push, and more effective to serve out of compassion and connection than manipulate out of greed.

We specialize in serving heart-centred businesses such as artists, therapists, and ethical entrepreneurs.

Writing for a good cause

"The pen is mightier
than the sword"

Non-profit organizations need members and donations just as businesses need customers. But pushy hard selling is just as distasteful coming from a non-profit as it is from a business, no matter what the cause.

If you're an activist or a lobbyist, you may have an important message to convey. We can help you get your message across effectively with a communication style rooted in win-win conflict resolution and finding common ground.

Human rights, animal rights, the environment, social justice, art & culture... All are worthy causes that deserve to be conveyed skillfully and in alignment with the values involved.

Don't just inform. Inspire!

Writing for good content

Sometimes the product is
the writing itself

When you're looking for help in creating an info product, or need a guest blogger to help keep your website fresh, Heartwood is available as your outsource writing resource.

Whether your work is fiction or non-fiction, we can serve as your editor, proofreader or advisor, or do it all for you as your ghost writer.

You don't have to do all your writing yourself.


We're also glad to help creative writers of all ages with constructive critiques of their novels, poems, and short stories.

If it's worth saying, it's worth saying well.

How does it work?

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We’ll be glad to give you a no-obligation quote for your particular writing needs. Any questions or special requests? Please feel free to contact us!

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If you found us through a search engine, you will have noticed how we worded the link to us that you see in the search engine results. If that's how you got here, then something "made you click". Was it our words and writing style? Did they help you connect with our message? We can do that for your own website, too! Contact us now to make arrangements.