Heartwood Web Design
Helping you branch out on the web and in print

Don’t just get a web site

Get an Effective Web Presence

Heartwood Web Design can create (or
help you create) a web site that...

  • looks good
  • works well
  • is easy to use
  • conveys your brand
  • is easy to find (search engine optimized)
  • helps more visitors choose to become customers*

*Customers or clients if you're a business; members or donors if you're an organization; friends or followers if you're an individual with a personal blog or other online presence.

Make a good impression

When your web site looks good, you look good too.

Professional graphic design

makes your website attractive and impressive. A positive visual experience for your visitors reflects favourably on the quality of your product or service.

We create a look that's uniquely right for your image, brand and style.

Needle in a haystack?

People can't visit your web site if they can't find it.

Search engine optimization

helps your site be well ranked in search results. That way people can actually find it in their web search when they're looking for what you have to offer.

We do purely "white hat" SEO: no sneaky tactics, just good searchability.

Make a real connection

People don't want to be bored — nor manipulated.

Skillful, ethical copy writing

conveys your message in a way that piques interest and shows people the genuine value of your product, service, information or perspective.

You might call it "ethical marketing." We just call it good communication.

Don't annoy your visitors

You're not connecting if they leave in frustration.

Expert web site design

turns graphic design into web code that provides proper display, proper functionality, and proper usability. So your visitors don't get aggravated with technical errors, browser incompatibilities and inadequate navigation.

(We're the technical experts so you don't have to be.)

Keep it fresh and new

People will come back for interesting new content.

Ongoing content creation

keeps your site up to date and interesting. Professionally written new content gives your visitors a reason to return. Plus, it can help you get higher rankings in the search engines.

Available for webpage content, blogs, newsletters,... Or do it yourself with a blog or content management system.

Be truly present

Hang out with your intended audience

Attracting new website traffic

involves more than just SEO. An effective web presence involves links to you from other websites, and being actively present in all the same places as your intended audience, including forums, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media.

Don't think of it as "web traffic generation." Understand it as genuinely nurturing new connections.

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