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Can there be such a thing as

Ethical Marketing?

For the longest time I resisted the idea of actively marketing my own work, because so much of the marketing that I've seen, and continue to see, is manipulative and driven by greed. It gave me the impression that that's what marketing is. And that's unpleasant.

The model I was seeing was what I now call "Manipulative Marketing." It sees customers as merely a means to the end of making as much money as possible by whatever means possible. It attempts to extract every possible dime from every possible "sucker" and to convince people that they need or want something that they don't really need or want.

That's not what I want to be subjected to myself as a customer, and it's not what I wanted to do to others as a business either. So I found myself in a dilemma (maybe you can relate): how can I find new customers without engaging in slimey tactics?

At some point, I realized what the answer was: "marketing" doesn't have to be a dirty word nor represent a greedy, devious mindset. When seen simply as "bringing one's wares to the market" to make them available to those who would benefit from them, the word can be reclaimed as referring simply to communicating availability and genuine value.

What Ethical Marketing boils down to is genuine communication rooted in values of service, caring, and honesty. Understanding this gave me a whole new perspective on how to bring my work to the awareness of potential customers.

If you, too, were feeling resistant and uneasy about marketing your work, I hope these thoughts have helped you gain a new perspective too.

If you're a heart-centred and ethical business, organization, or person, and you've been searching for a way to reach out and connect with your intended audience effectively but ethically, feel free to get in touch for help in putting Ethical Marketing to work for you.