Heartwood Web Design
Helping you branch out on the web and in print

Got a message to display?

You need Graphic Design

Whether it's a logo, a brochure, or a web site, if your message is seen by eyeballs, it needs to be visually
designed for the right impact.
Heartwood can help you with all your visual design needs:

  • logos Got a message to display?
  • brochures and letterhead
  • ads, postcards, posters, and flyers
  • menus and signs
  • newsletters, presentations, and reports
  • web pages and web graphics
  • and anything else that requires the skills of a graphic designer or graphic artist.

Do you need graphics?

To decorate and illustrate

At Heartwood, we'll not only select the graphics that will best suit your presentation, we can also create them from scratch. Here are some of the types of images we can prepare for you:

  • graphics and clip-art
  • mascots
  • stick figures
  • pictorial illustrations
  • graphs and charts
  • icons, buttons, and bullets
  • banner ads
  • book and e-book covers
  • and of course, logos

Logos are a special kind of graphic art. More than any other image, they must not only decorate and illustrate, but also represent your brand.

What's in a design?

Putting it all together

Graphic design involves lots of careful decisions about each of the style elements, alone and in tandem:

  • graphics and images
  • lines and abstract elements
  • colours
  • spacing
  • typefaces/fonts
  • composition and layout

Don't leave your impact up to chance. Professional graphic design services will not only make your presentation look impressive, it will also ensure it's aligned with your branding and intended message.

Don't forget the impact of your text itself. We also offer copy and content writing services.

Why have it designed?

Goals & results:

  • convey quality
    with a professional look
  • attract readers
    by drawing attention visually
  • add value to your message
    with relevant illustrations
  • enhance readability
    with proper sizing, spacing, organization, and flow
  • convey your brand and values
    with a style that is aligned
  • make a positive impact
    with a pleasant visual experience
  • facilitate readers' willingness
    to make further contact with you and your offer

Graphic design is an integral part of what is commonly referred to as "marketing." Make it ethical marketing with Heartwood.