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Helping the Heart-Centred

What is a heart-centred entrepreneur?
It is someone whose work
comes from the heart
or a creative urge, or is offered out of
a passion for the field or a devotion to
true service.

It is someone who would be doing their work even if they were not paid, but needs to be paid for it so that they can make a living. For many, if it weren't for the need for survival, they might just as soon give their work for free.

You might be a heart-centred entrepreneur if you are one of the following:

  • visual artist
  • musician
  • actor
  • dancer
  • other arts & culture profession
  • massage therapist
  • reiki therapist
  • yoga teacher
  • doula
  • other health & wellness profession
  • psychotherapist
  • life coach
  • astrologer
  • meditation teacher
  • other spiritual or personal growth profession

You might also be heart-centred if you are in none of those professions but are simply very ethically minded about your business, whatever that may be. You might be a retailer, or an affiliate marketer, or a plumber, or accountant, or in almost any industry or field that doesn't itself involve unethical practices (like polluting the planet or damaging people's health).

I specialize in helping the heart-centred because if anyone deserves to make a decent living (and of course we all do), it is those who spread inspiration and wellness into the world. And since the business and marketing world is often very alien to such heart-centred people, they are the ones who most need help in navigating through it. As a heart-centred entrepreneur myself, I understand the mindset, the "heart-set," and the needs.

So if you can relate to what I'm describing, let me share my approach with you too, so that you can enjoy "right livelihood" and attract into your life the kinds and numbers of clients, customers, or students that will help you get paid for doing the work you love.