Heartwood Web Design
Helping you branch out on the web and in print

Don’t just get it printed

Make an Effective Impact in Print

Heartwood offers graphic design and copywriting
for all sorts of printed materials.
From ads to zines
and everything in-between,
we can create (or help you create)
printed materials that...

  • look good
  • convey your brand or image
  • really speak to your readers
  • and help them connect and take action*

*To buy your products and services if you're a business; to join or donate if you're an organization; to follow or become friends if you're an individual with a personal project or perspective to communicate.

Make a good impression

Your print materials look good = you look good too.

Quality graphic design

makes your print materials visually attractive. The quality of your print materials reflects on the quality of your product, service or message. So, look impressive with graphic design from Heartwood.

We create a look that's uniquely suited to your image, brand and style. We do logos, too.

Really speak to your readers

Don't manipulate. Don't bore. Just really connect.

Ethical, skillful copy writing

communicates your message in a way that shows your readers the genuine value of what you have to offer, and piques their interest to find out more. So you make a real connection.

"Ethical marketing" is really just good communication.

Branch out!

Connect with the francophone community.

Bilingual copy writing

can help you reach a broader audience. Having your printed materials in both English and French is particularly helpful and appropriate in Canada, but also useful elsewhere in the world.

We can also translate any of your existing text. That includes mail, so you can interact with francophone customers even if you don't speak the language yourself.