Heartwood Web Design
Helping you branch out on the web and in print

Avoid Media Mismatch

Get Integrated Marketing

Your web site, your business cards and letterhead, your ads and brochures, your events,... all your media need to work together to convey your brand and message.

So don't let your marketing be haphazard and hodge-podge. Let all your media speak with one deliberate, integrated voice. With Heartwood coaching or contracting for all your design and copywriting tasks, you get all the advantages of working with a single source:

  • a clear vision of The Big Picture
  • a consistent look for your branding
  • consistently high quality workmanship
  • seamless co-ordination of all efforts

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Too many cooks?

"too many cooks spoil the broth"

A one-stop source for design

helps keep all marketing efforts seamlessly coordinated and all workmanship consistent. At Heartwood, that means consistently high quality. With all the relevant services to meet your design and communication needs, Heartwood can be your professional one-stop source for all marketing and media design work.

We will gladly work cooperatively and collaboratively with any other marketers, writers or designers you may have hired. Or you can keep it simple and avoid issues of coordination when you get all your needs met with just Heartwood as your one source company.

Simple. Easy. All bases covered.

Do you need a plan?

Don't leave it up to
chance and whim.

A marketing plan

can help you keep sight of your goals and align all your efforts with a single cohesive vision.

If you already have a marketing plan, be sure to communicate it to us whenever you hire us, whether it's just for a piece of the puzzle (web design, graphic design, ad copy, etc.) or for the entire design package.

If you don't already have a satisfactory overall plan, consider availing yourself of our Big Picture marketing plan services or coaching. We'll help you figure out your goals and recommend a course of action to attain them through all media used.

We'd also be glad to be involved in implementing your plan.

The Big Picture

Let us help you
put it all together.

Branding & Identity

are an integral part of marketing. Your brand is not just your logo, it's your entire message. You might already have branding elements (like your logo) without a marketing plan, but your marketing won't be as effective without an action plan informed by a clear vision of your brand.

If you don't already have a consistent image that serves you well, we can facilitate your process of figuring out what it should be, and create the designs to embody it.

Carried by your Integrated Marketing plan, let your branding reach out and really connect with your intended audience.

Across all media.
Across all campaigns.
It's all part of The Big Picture.

Don't let our name fool you. Heartwood Web Design isn't just for the web. We also offer everything else that's needed for integrated marketing. Whether it's pictures or words, on the web or in print, Heartwood can make it all come together effectively.