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What kind of help do you need

for your Personal Online Presence?

Do you have or want to have...
a personal blog,
a Twitter account,
a Facebook profile,
or some other form of personal online presence?

Heartwood can help you with all your related
technical, design, and personal branding needs,
by contract work, consultation, or through coaching so you can Do It Yourself.

Note: if you are an artist, musician, or otherwise in the arts, or if you are a yoga teacher or otherwise in a personal growth or wellness field, your online presence goes beyond the personal. You will want to look at our pages relating to the needs of businesses, non-profits, or informational resources instead (or as well).

What do you need help with?

What aspects of our work are important to you?

How do you want us to work together?

What else would you like to do online?

We may not have described every kind of online presence you might be contemplating, nor all the related technical and design needs you may have. So please feel free to get in touch and let us know what other kind of help you need. No obligation, let's just freely communicate about how we might work together if you choose to have us help you with your personal online presence. Email us now!