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Heartwood keeps sight of

The Big Picture

Website, business cards, newspaper ad, banner... each of these can of course be commissioned as a single
Design & Communications project,
independently of the others. But to be properly effective, they should not be considered separate. They should instead be crafted as parts of
The Bigger Picture.

Even Integrated Marketing, involving an entire branding and marketing plan, is only part of the whole context and dynamic.

To truly encompass the full breadth, width, and depth of The Big Picture, your perspective must also take into account your personal dreams and aspirations for your own life and livelihood.

Is your business, organization, or personal project, truly moving you in a direction that is right for your own fulfillment?

If not, how can it be transformed to serve more genuinely as your path to where you really want to be?

The "business world" is not a separate world from "real life," it only seems that way sometimes. When you explore The Big Picture to its fullest, you can sometimes find that what you thought was helping is actually hindering.

The good news is that, having become aware, you can make the adjustments needed to make your business, organization, or project, serve everyone much better: your intended audience (customers, clients, members, donors, fans, followers), yourself, even the planet.

Heartwood can help you with that exploration.

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