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Your needs depend on who you are

Where do you need help?

Heartwood services and coaching
are available to all types of clients,
and we realize your needs will be
different according to who you are
and what you're trying to accomplish.

Throughout this website, we use the word "customers" to refer to the people you are trying to reach through your website or brochure or ad. Whenever the word is used, we try to remind you that it is used very loosely, and covers all the types of audiences that businesses, organizations and individuals may be trying to reach:

  • customers, if you are a business selling products
  • clients, if you are a business or professional providing services
  • students, if you are a teacher offering classes and workshops
  • members or donors, if you are a non-profit recruiting and fundraising for your cause
  • followers or fans, if you are an individual building a personal online presence

To make it easier for you, we've set up the first set of links below to help you browse our site according to whether Your Needs in Design & Communication are for a business, an organization, a resource website, or your own personal online presence. Enjoy your exploration!

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions about
how we can help you branch out on the web and in print.